Welcome to Rosie Boutique.  Rosie Boutique is a destination for all women where you can share faith in style and join the journey.  We are so happy you want to know more about us.  For starters, Rosie is short for 'rosary', a symbol of Jesus incorporated in our company.

Rosie Boutique was developed by our President and CEO, Brooke Wyatt in the early months of 2019.  While Brooke has recently developed Rosie Boutique, she has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, style, and Jesus.  Rosie Boutique strives to incorporate all three of the pillars, entrepreneurship, style, and faith, into each one of our products that we deliver with love to our customers.

Brooke has grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, naturally drawing her into the fun as well.  As a 16 year old entrepreneur, Brooke quickly discovered that there was a limited list of women entrepreneurs her age.  Ultimately, this made her want to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship even more.  Entrepreneurship is a pillar of our company as we encourage all, especially young women, to pursue what they want to do, earlier than later.

We incorporate style and Jesus as the other two pillars of our company.  Style and fashion is wonderful, but Jesus is even more wonderful.  Rosie Boutique utilizes the mentality of “sharing faith in style” as it is a pillar of our company, and Rosie Boutique is happy to have our customers shopping in style with Jesus at the core of our company.

We are so happy you are here.  Thank you so much for shopping with us, we are so excited for this journey!

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Learn more about us in this "About Us" video // https://vimeo.com/395201239