Sunny Szn

Sunny Szn

Last week, my family and I took a trip to Marco Island, Florida for our annual family spring break!  I thought I'd share about our time there as well as Rosie products making the trip with us!

DAY 1:

Arriving in Florida is always so much fun.  You get off the plane in warm weather, you see palm trees, and you can feel some of your worries go away for the time being.  At least that is how I feel.  The first day consisted of driving around from the airport, finding our hotel, unpacking, normal 1st day things.

Even cooler, we rented a Jeep!!!! If you haven't rode in a Jeep with the doors off, I highly recommend it.

DAY 2:

My birthday!  I turned 17, or some would say a 'dancing queen'.  Spending your birthday on the beach is a treat, and it's even better when you go parasailing!!!!  I'm afraid of heights (and the ocean) so being up that high on top of a ton of water was slightly scary, but it was really fun to do especially with my sister!!! She is 15 and awesome.  We saw a jelly fish while we were up there too ;)

That night we went to a casual beach side dinner, wearing my Rosie Boutique Amber Sunglasses ;) and had a nice dinner with the fam.  Overall, 11/10 birthday.

DAY 3 through the rest of the trip:

Consisted of getting up around 7:45, beach walks, breakfast, lunch on the beach, and dinner.  It was a cycle for the most part and on family vacations we are typically the family in the same chairs everyday, spending time together while getting sun and enjoying the weather.  Get up, beach it, go to sleep, repeat.

Rosie Boutique also came a long on the family trip to Marco Island!  If you have not seen already, Rosie Boutique's Amber Sunnies, Amanda Cross Necklace and Grace Heart's Necklace all made an appearance while in Florida and are the perfect go-to.  Even better, Rosie Boutique is offering 15% select items!!! Using the code SPRING15 at checkout, you can get 15% off select items and for a limited time.  Get the items fast as they are limited <3

While on this fun vacation, I always spend time taking a ton of pictures for my own enjoyment.  Taking pictures with friends or simply of trees and nature is so much fun to me and I love doing it.  I have a lot of pictures for you to see, and for more on my life and more pictures you can follow me on Instagram @_brookewyatt!

As my first blog post, I hope you enjoy seeing what I am up to and what Rosie Boutique is up to as well - For any requests on different content, what to post, questions, comments, concerns, or products you would like to see in the future, COMMENT and let me know!  I am so excited for Rosie Boutique and to share more about my life with everyone here!


All the love,

Brooke <3


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Hi, Brooke, I read the article in The Catholic Moment, Jan 26, 2020, edition, and just had to check out your web site. Congratulations on early graduation and enrollment at IU! I’m old enough to be your grandmother but as a retired business/marketing teacher, I love to support young people like yourself. Keep up the good work! May God bless you and your family.

Susan Lannoy

Susan Lannoy March 03, 2020

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