Entrepreneurship at 16.

I've grown up at a dinner table of entrepreneurs.  Naturally, this made me want to be a part of the fun and learn more about it.  The older I've gotten, I've realized the more passionate I am about entrepreneurship, even only at 16.  Starting a company is like studying really hard for a test you have in the future.  It take's time, hard work and dedication.  When you finally take the test and the work pays off, it's the feeling that makes you want to do it all again.  That's how entrepreneurship is, on a very basic level.

Growing up and navigating my journey with my family and Christ, it's become apparent to me that entrepreneurship, writing, and creativity are passions of mine that Jesus gave me for a reason.  My family of course helps me a long the way, keeping me from running into a 'wall'.  As I have furthered my interest in entrepreneurship, loving my family, giving back to the world as Jesus would do, and being a Catholic all at the same time is a a lot to juggle, but a great feeling.

I've been so invested in developing a company, and I want to learn as much as I can.  I've surfed the web, looking for young female entrepreneurs starting their own companies and learn more feedback from them.  But there was one challenge I ran into.  There was a strict limit in numbers of young female entrepreneurs.  I was challenged in finding anyone my own age, girls, that were developing their own companies.  There are the 20 year olds, but no one my age, 16.  The more I looked into this, it makes me want to develop a company even more.  A limited number of young females developing companies makes me want to do something, develop more, and inspire more young women like myself.

I have a smart watch, and every time I lift my left hand up, the screen awakens on it's own.  I've set a wallpaper on my watch, so every time I check the time, I am reminded of this simple phrase.  "Wake up, Hustle, Repeat".  Short reminder to get up, find your passion, work at it, go to bed, and repeat. How awesome. 

I've started Rosie mainly because I love entrepreneurship and owning my own company, and why wait till I'm 'older' when I can begin learning how the world works now?  This journey I'm taking with Rosie Boutique has already been so fun.  The journey for everyone is different, but when you pick the right paths, accept failure, listen to the wiser, have the willingness to learn, have a passion and hustle, life is such a fun adventure.




This is sooo awesome! Proud of you Brooke!!! Xoxo

Ellen Goodnight March 06, 2019

Keep embracing your journey Brooke💗🙏🏻 So exciting!

Kristin Wyatt March 04, 2019

So Amazing Brooke!!!

Holly Brown March 04, 2019

Scrolling through my phone I saw your post about your Boutique. Took a peek and read your story. I am a grandmother of six great kids who all work so hard and have goals for their future. I can tell you have those same goals for yourself and I am sure the same support from your family . Just want to say good luck and I will pass your boutique also to my granddaughters!! 😊

Connie March 04, 2019

I absolutely love every word you wrote. Your heart is in the right place. I know this will be an amazing experience for you. Your enthusiasm and love for what you are doing is a blessing.
Love you,
Auntie Carole

Auntie Carole March 04, 2019

So proud of you. Blessings

Vivian seaman March 04, 2019

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